Tuesday 5 May 2015

Champions League Betting Opportunity

 Use this Bet365 Offer to lock in a profit

The Champions League Semi Finals are here already as the season draws to a close. Tonight sees Real Madrid travel to Italy to face Juventus who retained their Serie A title this weekend. It'll be a great contest, and we've found a nice way to make it even better for us all - lock in some guaranteed profits.

Bet365 are offering a £50 free in-play bet (risk free) if you bet £50 before the game begins. If your in-play bet loses, you get the £50 stake returned, in cash, ready to withdraw. By being clever, you can really take advantage of this promotion.

It's a straight forward process that simply requires you to follow a simple procedure - and there are two options available - one gets you a £50 bet for the cost of £2. The other allows you to guarantee a profit regardless of outcome, but returns would typically be less. Valid only for UK & Ireland Customers

Option 1 - £50 bet for just £2

  1. Get a Bet365 Account HERE
  2. Deposit £100 to your Bet365 account if required.
  3. Get an account with 188bet if you haven't already
  4. Betting Begins!
    1. Bet £50 on Over 0.5 goals at 1.08 with BET365
    2. Bet £6.35 on 0-0 at odds of 9.00 with 188BET
  5. Outcome: if there is a goal, you will lose £2.00, and if the game ends 0-0, you will lose £2.00. However, in return, you have now unlocked a RISK FREE £50 in-play bet for the Juventus v Real Madrid game. 
  6. Simply place any £50 bet on an in-play market after the game has begun, and if it loses, you get your cash back. 
So, the above option effectively means that you are getting 20x better odds on the in play bet. You're getting a £50 bet for £2! So you could bet on Ronaldo to score at 2.60, and if he scores, your £2 liability would return £80 profit. That's the same as getting odds of 40 for Ronaldo to score at any time!

Option 2 - Earn £19 or £55 with no hassle

  1. Get a Bet365 Account HERE
  2. Deposit £100 to your Bet365 account if required.
  3. Bet £50 Juventus or Real Madrid Double Chance at 1.38 with Bet365
  4. When the game starts, bet £50 on Draw at 3.10 with Bet365
  5. If its a draw, you return £155 (+£55), if either team win, you return £119 (+£19)
There is a risk with this method as technically Bet365 are able to cancel free bets for those blatantly taking advantage of this offer. However, to this date, we know of hundreds of people have used this technique successfully with no issues. We suggest backing Real Madrid or Juventus double chance as we think it could be a draw, but basically, use the double chance market to bet against your hunch before the game starts, and bet on your hunch in-play once the game begins. eg. Back Juventus or Draw at 1.40 pre-match, then back Real Madrid to win at 3.00 once the game begins. £120 if Real Madrid don't win (+£20), and £150 if Real Madrid win (+£50)

Advice from Tipstrr: Use option 1 - it's way more fun, the profit is potentially much greater, and it's less risky. Read the Bet365 Terms here


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