Thursday 23 April 2015

Happy Birthday!!

With more and more sports tipsters and handicappers coming to us on a daily basis, we thought we'd pay homage to one of the earliest adopters of the Tipstrr system - BetMDsports. It is in fact one year ago today that his site officially launched on the tipstrr platform. Having already gained an incredible reputation working on some of the largest sites in the world, his record was very impressive, and has continued to be so on his Tipstrr site - . Happy 'Birthday'

Results - MD Sports Picks

On 23/4, the profit made during his career was already at $140,618. A consistent performer across a multitude of sports, Miguel da Silva has made himself, and his ever-growing client base more than $20k from his average stake of around $400. That's a very impressive return of 50 "average bets" profit. using his numbers of $100/unit, that means he has made 200 units since joining Tipstrr.

The above graph shows his profitability in the NHL. His Ice Hockey Picks have been very profitable over the past 5 months, making comfortably over $4,000 for him and his clients. It's not just NHL he's good at though, and he has in fact made profit on pretty much everything he analyses. Below is a graph that shows his Baseball Picks during the last 365 days. He has made more than $18,000 profit in that time, which is a truly impressive figure. No wonder he's the best MLB handicapper on so many websites across the globe.

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