Wednesday 13 May 2015

Top Tipstrrs in 2015 so far (Jan-Apr)

We are now more than 4 months in to 2015, so the guys at Talking Tipsters decided it'd be good to do a "2015 so far" review of the Tipsters on the Tipstrr platform.

We ran a report from our database of thousands and thousands of tips from the growing number of sports handicappers that are using our automated and verified solution. Then we provided this data to Talking Tipsters for them to provide an accurate review of the top services on our platform. You can read what they've said in great detail on their blog. Talking Tipsters have been analysing our Tipstrrs each week and thus far has been impressed with several of our tipsters, and with our aims to make this industry a better/more trustworthy place for sports bettors.

Our Top 10 tipsters, using their advised stakes (0-1 unit, with you able to set the value for a max stake) have been very profitable. Had you joined the top 10 Tipstrr services on 1/1/15 and played every bet until 30/4/15, you'd be up an impressive 62.28 MAX stakes. Put in to monetary terms, a bettor setting their max stake as £100 would have made £6,228.34 with just an average stake of £36.

For those who look to average a £100 stake, they'd have set a max stake to around £275, with a total profit of £17,127.94 for the first four months of 2015. That's some serious profit from 10 tipstrrs (and 3,325 bets).
Top 10 Return on investment: 5.23%

For those who would be unlikely to follow so many bets, following the top 5 Tipstrrs for 2015 would have been less hectic, with just 541 tips during the first four months of the year (around 4.5 bets per day). A bettor with a £100 max bet would have made £2,897,72 following these four tipsters with an average stake of £68. Again, for those looking at making an average bet of £100, would have had a maximum stake of around £146, and a profit of £4,255.34. 
Top 5 Return on Investment: 11.55%

Top 6 based on ROI

  1. Brazilian Football Tips - 28.82% (50 bets)
  2. AH Picks - 19.2% (55 bets)
  3. Delorean Sports - 18.03% (55 bets)
  4. Mammoth Bets - 13.63% (105 bets)
  5. Terry Tipster - 8.34% (276 bets)
  6. Shark Insider - 5.45% (153 bets)

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