Tuesday 15 July 2014

Tipstrr World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition Results

The World Cup has finished, with the Germans reigning supreme after several ruthless displays (and a few mediocre ones too). We’ve already seen 11 of the 32 managers leave their posts, but of course Hodgson is still in charge of England after their successful World Cup campaign *cough*.

We hope everyone enjoyed our predictions competition, and we would happily welcome any feedback with regard to what you liked and/or what you’d like to see change in future competitions.

Some Stats and Figures

  • Lowest scoring game (0.39 points/entry) - Uruguay v Costa Rica (1-3)
  • Highest scoring game (5.37 points/entry) – France v Honduras (3-0)
  • Most correct scores in 1 game – France v Honduras (24)
  • Most 0-0 predictions – Jon Hurley - 9 (3 were correct)

Corrects Scores

With 64 games to predict, there were always going to be plenty of chances for people to get a few correct scores. Richard Allen and Thomas Vandsted managed an impressive 10 correct scores each – not bad going at all! Out of 78 entrants, only one person failed to get one correct score (we won’t say who!), so everyone did pretty well.


  • 1st Overall (Games Console): Terry Tipster (TerryTipster.com)
  • 2nd Overall (Football Shirt): Thomas Vandsted (SelectTips.com)
  • 3rd Overall (£50 Free Bet): Richard Allen
  • 4th Overall (£30 Free Bet): Tom Sparke
  • 5th Overall (£20 Free Bet): Jon Hateley

  • Phase 1 (£25 Free Bet): Simon Del Guidice (72 points)
  • Phase 2 (£25 Free Bet): Roberto Maida (50 points)
  • Phase 3 (£25 Free Bet): Roger Smith (55 points)
  • Phase 4 (£25 Free Bet): Ian Williams (61 points)


Both 1st and 2nd Placed overall are tipsters using the Tipstrr platform. They have kindly stated that they will decline their respective prizes, and give them back to Tipstrr to allow us to run another competition in the domestic season! Thanks Guys!