Monday 2 March 2015

The importance of using truly verified sports handicappers

OK, so maybe we go on about being 'verified' a lot, but that's only because we understand just how important it is. If you're serious about building a decent betting portfolio and looking to make money from sports betting, you need to be able to trust the source of your plays. 

It all starts with the adage "if it sounds too good to be true...". If a sports handicapper professes to be the best in the world, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  1. What is that claim based upon? Have they received an award saying as such?
  2. Do they have genuine results that are documented by third parties?
  3. Are any documented results hidden from the public? (hint: they shouldn't be)

Examples of (potentially*) rogue sites:

Bob Akmen Sports - official owner of the world's longest homepage and the most brutal use of comic sans you'll have ever seen. They offer an annual package for just $4,995 (saving more than $11,000 from the regular price). All of this with no actual evidence of the service being profitable, other than an annoying pop-up video and claims that a (paid for) article says that they are awesome.

All Star Sports Picks - Most outrageous 'staking plan' you are ever likely to see. A rather good day on 5th April 2014 saw him win 4 horse racing tips in succession for a combined profit of $44,115,021 (stakes ranging from , yet 2 days earlier he advised stakes of $1,000 on an NHL pick at odds of 1.91 (-110) to win around $900. Lets put this in to perspective for a second... If you have a $10,000 betting bank, and bet 2% ($200) on each horse racing bet, your stake for the NHL bet would've been 0.003% - $0.30! Not to mention the fact that the results appear to be entirely fabricated. Put frankly, this type of site is what is wrong with the sports handicapping industry.

The aim of what we offer is simple, to give people considering subscribing to sports tipsters and handicapper the chance to vet them before they commit to memberships. We know that finding a genuinely worthwhile sports handicapper is difficult, especially when the internet is so full of people looking to get you to part with your money by promising you the world.

Here is a video that we think shows exactly the type of thing that can happen if you subscribe to handicappers and tipsters purely based on how good they proclaim to be, and not on facts and verified data. 

*potentially = almost certainly


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