Tuesday 6 January 2015

What it means to be Tipstrr verified

The handicapping industry is struggling to build a reputable image. With thousands of sports handicappers out there, it is very difficult to know which to trust. We have helped create a reliable and trustworthy way to help you differentiate between the top legitimate sports advisors, and those that adopt misleading 'boiler room' tactics. The industry is rife with people after a quick buck, so misleading tactics are the easy way to do it. Change a bet here, amend the odds there, increase the stake post event and it's very easy to get a brilliant record - just ask AllStarSportsPicks. The word verified is used far too frequently for an industry that lacks almost any verification. If you want to be the world's best handicapper, you can be - make a site and say that you are the world's best handicapper - simple. What is there to stop you, or anyone? This is becoming far too frequent, so we have built something to help you  really prove your worth as a top sports handicapper - Tipstrr Verified.

So what does it mean to be Tipstrr verified? Well, at Tipstrr we think that using the word 'verified' really should mean something. The word itself means to demonstrate that something is true and accurate, so our verified badge means just that. Each tip that shows the Verified by TipstrrEngine logo is made up of accurate and trustworthy information. The odds, fixture info, results, stakes and profits are all automated by our software, so no one can alter them post event to give false or fraudulent results.

How does it work? It's simple, using a data feed that includes all games from 6 sports, 20 bookmakers and dozens of markets, we have built a piece of kit that helps you keep accurate results, automatically. Simply select the date, sport, event, market and line and we find the odds for you. Then you just set your stake, and submit! From then we use the data feed to calculate your profit and loss, and once the game is over your records are updated - automatically. Get in touch if you're curious or fancy trying it out. We'll also be providing a more detailed blog over the coming week to explain exactly how our system works.

We have seen that there are a few alternative options in the market, but we feel that they were lacking and can be very misleading, here are some examples to be sure to look out for:

Watch Out For 'Verified By' Banners

One of the 'verified' options was achieved by handicappers simply for providing their email address and adding a banner on the site. This allows these handicappers to claim they are "verified", when in fact their picks aren't. The only thing that is verified is that they exist. This is really harmful to customers who see the banner and assume what they see is legitimate, which is not necessarily the case at all.

Watch Out For Handicappers Playing Bookmaker

Other platforms allow the handicapper themselves to set the odds lines - with no reference from a bookmaker. If the line is actually Heat -4.5 at decimal odds of 1.91, a capper could put Heat -4.5 at odds of 1.99. This might not sound like much, but doing this 100 times with a 50% win rate would create an extra 4 units of profit betting 1 unit flat stakes which can make all the difference.

Watch Out For Unavailable Bets

The same platform allows lines to be changed from what is available. After speaking with hundreds of disgruntled customers of some handicapping services, this was rated the most frustrating aspect. Punters hated when their handicapper would boast about a winner with their pick of TEAM A -4, when -4 was never available, and clients only manage to get -6.5, and TEAM A won by 5. Tipping on imaginary bets is much easier than combing the market and picking based on what is available.

Watch Out For Modifying Results

Changing bets post event is a big NO-NO, but without a verified tool to prevent it, it happens far too often. We've seen 'verified' solutions allowing the capper themselves to amend their results (won/lost), odds and even selected bet AFTER the event has taken place. How can this be a verified solution? Backed Bengals ML @ Steelers and they lost? No worries, just change your bet to Steelers ML and you're the world's best handicapper again. It can even be more subtle, the bet doesn't have to change but if the handicapper can alter their stake post event they can easily back losers at much lower stake and double up on winners.

With all these options available to handicappers that will scam you it is no surprise the industry is full of 'Tipsters' that want to take you to the cleaners. Don't let them, make sure you are using a fully verified system.

At the minute we have more than 100 tipsters using our software, and we are processing thousands of tips from thousands of sporting events. We currently offer markets on Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey and Tennis. We are continually adding more and more betting markets and will also be adding more sports in 2015. If you'd like to be TRULY verified, then join Tipstrr today for free and start getting your picks legitimately verified.

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